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  1. Paperback Edition (UK) Parthian Books (1 September 2010)

Hereditation tells the story of the Sloane family. Living in New York in the middle of the 20th Century, brothers Erwin and Maynard share their brownstone Harlem house with their mother, a perpetually ill woman who has recently suffered the indignity of being abandoned by her philandering husband, Ezra. When Ezra dies of a heart attack, a chest is unearthed, the contents of which force the Sloane brothers to look at themselves in a different light. Will they succumb to the depravity that has haunted their family for generations, or will they be the first to break free and escape the madness and perversion? Darkly humourous, wickledly disturbing, and utterly compelling.


  • The writing is full of acute observation and defamiliarisation… HEREDITATION is an incredible book.

    New Welsh Review

  • About the decisions that are made by generations before us that still affect our lives, Hereditation is a compelling and commendable first novel.

    Buzz Magazine