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Whatever The Big Idea Is.

I've done the BIG IDEA post over at John Scalzi's excellent website this week.

To my mind, the best moments in SF are the quietest ones. They’re the ones before the chaos starts: before the astronauts land wherever they are going to land, or meet the aliens that they’re going to meet or discover the MacGuffin at the heart of their journey. They’re the moments where the characters look out at space and they revel in it: in how lonely it is, and how isolating, and how empty.

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2012: The Year Of Stuff.

This is a grab-all post. Everything in one, like a smörgåsbord. 


In April, THE TESTIMONY was published in hardback and digitally.

In December, THE EXPLORER was published digitally. 

I have written three books this year: EXPLORER 2 (working title), K&R (working title) and AUS (working title). E2 is out this time next year; K&R is out Summer 2014; AUS is I really have no idea.

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So, THE EXPLORER is out in the UK today on Kindles and iPads and Kobos and Nooks. You can buy it from your favourite retailer and then read it straight away and then come to Twitter and tell me what you thought. There have been some lovely blurbs and reviews of it so far.

STARBURST magazine said, "Dread, claustrophobia and unease permeate this imaginative, bleak masterpiece. The Explorer was my favourite sci-fi novel of the past year, possibly all time. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

TOR.COM said, "The Explorer is essentially exemplary: a short, sharp shock of a story from an author who deserves to do as well for himself as he does by us. It’s perfectly plotted, smartly characterised and rife with insight and excitement."

Lauren Beukes, author of ZOO CITY and the forthcoming THE SHINING GIRLS said, "Beautifully written, creepy as hell. THE EXPLORER is as clever in its unravelling as it is breathlessly claustrophobic."

Charles Yu, author of HOW TO LIFE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE-FICTIONAL UNIVERSE and SORRY PLEASE THANK YOU said, "THE EXPLORER is a remarkable book: a state-of-the-art spacecraft constructed from ideas, and propelled by a powerful story. Gripping, terrifying and audacious--an exploration in every sense of the world."

So, yeah. If you prefer something physical, that's not too abysmal - in fact, it's beautiful - you can hang on until the 17th of January for the hardback, or the 2nd of January if you're in America for the release there. 

Really, what I'm saying is: we're in book release territory. Hope you enjoy your stay.